Les Carlisle: Group Conservation Manager

The official South African poaching statistics for 2014 are out and they make for really sobering reading

The number of rhinos poached in South Africa continues to double every two years. This leads us to the frightening conclusion that, if the trend continues, by 2022 we will have lost more rhino than we have currently in the country. Cold statistics are always subject to interpretation and there are many factors that will influence that eventuality....

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2015 starts with a great conservation victory in India

Our training and capacity building with the Indian State Forest Department has resulted in the successful translocation of a group of 7 swamp deer from Kanha National Park to Van Vihar National Park in the state capital of Bhopal. Those who have been following my blog will remember that the training we carried out in India included setting up a mas...

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Flying a hundred rhino from South Africa to Botswana

In a project of this size, the difficulty is always knowing where to start. In African conservation translocation is a routine action. We have repopulated many areas with many species that had become locally extinct and literally thousands of head of wildlife are translocated in South Africa every year. This includes a few hundred rhino, which are...

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What a crazy mixed up world we live in

What a crazy, mixed up world we live in! On the one hand we have massive movements to “save” everything on the planet and on the other hand we have people destroying our resources at increasingly unsustainable rates. Like everything in life, you have the Ying and the Yang, with opposing forces, views, NGOs and movements. These conflicts are getting...

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Crowd funding passes the 200k mark for Rhinos Without Borders

&Beyond’s partners in the Rhinos Without Borders project, Great Plains Conservation, recently initiated the first crowd funding initiative for the project through – a genuine stroke of genius, as it appears. Today the donations through that website passed the USD 200 000 mark, a real achievement. When we add  this to the donations...

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As a leading conservation company, &Beyond was approached by Indian authorities to assist in the groundbreaking mass translocation of 50 gaur (Indian bison) to restore the species in Bandhavgarh National Park in 2011. The Indian Forest Department applied proven African technologies to successfully reverse the local extinction. This project cont...

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