Les Carlisle: Group Conservation Manager

The numbers of translocated gaur have passed the 70 mark

The project to reverse the local extinction of gaur at Bandhavgarh National Park in India continues to produce really great results. It is obvious just how well the gaur herds have settled down, with the number of calves born since the move now exceeding 40. The idea of translocating a prey species into a reserve with one of the highest tiger densi...

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Rhinos without Borders

After the success of &Beyond’s last rhino translocation, we are scaling up! &Beyond and Great Plains Conservation have teamed up to provide a project of hope for rhino in Africa. Bringing together industry partners and various government ministries, the plan is to translocate up to 100 rhino from South Africa to Botswana, taking them out of...

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Rhino without Borders – a project of hope for rhino

Update on poaching trends from The IUCN The latest update on rhino poaching trends has been released by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the information that it contains is a clear indication that we need to act and act now! So, what are you doing to help the rhino keep their place in the sun? Every day we see increasin...

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Donation from Chipembere Foundation

With a name that means rhinoceros in Shona, Chipembere Foundation is a privately run, registered non-profit organisation that is committed to protecting and conserving Africa’s rhino. The foundation focuses on providing equipment, intelligence, technology, education and relocation assistance to rhino custodians who show a conservation ethic that is...

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Incredible support from Elize at

I was recently invited to a meeting with Dex Kotze, the CEO of Jenna Clifford, and surprise, surprise, who should be with Dex but none other than the most incredible Rhino Fund Raiser in the country, Elize Daffue. What a privilege to work with both of these warriors for the cause. Dex handed over a ceremonial cheque for the total donated by Jenna C...

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Banjaar Tola records its first leopard kill from the guest area deck

Sitting on the deck at Banjaar Tola Tented Camp, overlooking the Banjaar River, which forms the border between the lodge and Kanha National Park, is a really peaceful and rewarding experience, one that I have had the privilege of doing quite often. The birding is great and I have seen spotted deer coming down to drink on a few occasions, so it was...

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